"With unpretentious yet sophisticated melodies, Robsie’s music inspires the comfort and vulnerability of home. While many listeners turn to pop music to feel good, this band challenges the genre with authenticity."

- Bianca Sprinkles, Emerging Trend

What began in 2018 as an earnest husband & wife songwriting duo has magically evolved into a genre-hopping, lyric-forward exercise in emotional honesty and quality composition.


Fun fact: Robyn Munn (songwriter and lead vocalist) wrote her first song, Slow, just a little over a year ago. She and Jeff Munn (music director, co-songwriter, and guitarist) were joined in October 2019 by veteran musicians:


Matt Parmenter (Producer and Owner of Ice Cream Factory Studio, former member of Quiet Company and Belcurve), Jonathan Rouse (Principal Bass player for the Austin Symphony), Luke Vogt (percussionist and educator with a master’s degree in Percussion Performance from TCU), and Andrea Ballard Carroll (Senior Program Director at Girls Rock Austin and Nashville-turned-Austin studio violinist & vocalist.) ​

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